Add more stocks and ETFs in € (Any Euro currency exchange)


Plenty of times I’m not able to find the ETF or Stock that I want listed in my currency (€). So most of my portfolio I must buy my holdings in either GB or USD.

Can you add a few of them to any € exchange i.e. XETRA?



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The links I click on come up USD stocks, have you found any EUR listings of these on the exchanges 212 support?

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After opening some of your links, I found that they REITs, not ETFs (excluding your first request, that is an ETF listed in Xetra and in EUR).

Those REITs are US REITs and listed in US, so they are denominated in USD, their local currency.


Hey, @ckoryom.

iShares Fallen Angels High Yield Corp Bond UCITS ETF is unavailable in our intermediary. As for the REITs - they are either not available or traded in exchanges we don’t support yet.

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@RLX thanks for your reply,

Absolutely, the first on the list is an ETF all the rest are REITs sorry that I didn’t mention that.

How do you do in the case that a security is listed on different exchanges?

For example, this REIT here:

I’ve seen on Trading 212 that for example Apple is listed also in €


The investor relations section of the company website is probably a good source to find out all the listings, but they quality of data can vary considerably.

Other than that, search the exchange websites is probably easier.

As far as I’m aware - 212 have been adding as much securities as possible - RLX wrote a good guide on the stock requests section of the forum on how to check what 212 can add.


Thank you all for the replies, so now I understand how to search/request for something to be
added. I can look into the Interactive Brokers lists.

Can these ETF in this case be added?

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A tip, usually the primary listing is more liquid, meaning more trading volume, with tighter Bid-Ask Spreads, better stock prices, and more easy to buy and sell.

What you could save in FX fees by buying in EUR (or other secondary listing currency) instead of the original currency, you will pay more in the Bid-Ask Spreads and/or stock prices. E.g. Fx fees, 0.30% (0.15% buy + 0.15% sell) could be less than the Spreads paid.


Boas, @ckoryom :wink:

You could use the (they have large database, including European instruments) to find the multiple listings of stocks or other financial instruments, search by ISIN or name, because financial instruments can have different ticker symbols for each exchange.


@RLX thanks for the tips!

I will definetely analyze the ETF/Stock before deciding and aim at the higher trading volume!

I did not know this at all!!


That’s the good thing with forums like this. If the bid/ask spread is greater than 0.3%, then you may actually be better buying an ETF in another currency even with 212’s 0.15% fx fee on the buy/sell.