Add this OTCQB stock:

Hey there I would love to see the OTCQB stock with ticker “DTGI” be added to the t212 platform.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Sorry to bump this again but could this be added? :slight_smile:

it’s not penny stock exempt so it won’t be added. the market cap is also too low that it would be unlikely even if it were PSE.

Yes the market cap is small but they have a lot of small cap stocks also if I understand correctly even companies like ABML aren’t penny stock exempt but OTCQB just like DTGI. That is at least what I am getting from

ABML has a market cap in the hundreds of millions, while DTGI has a cap in the tens of millions. many requests have been rejected for being in the tens of millions because liquidity cannot be ensured.

ABML was added before PSE was an important factor and T212 had to deal with all the regulations involved with doing so. it’s too much work for them to be regulated on every single stock that isn’t PSE, so new ones will not be added.

as taken from ABML’s 10-K filing:

Penny Stock

Our common stock is subject to the provisions of Section 15(g) of the Exchange Act and Rule 15g-9 thereunder, commonly referred to as the “penny stock rule”. Section 15(g) sets forth certain requirements for transactions in penny stock, and Rule 15g-9(d) incorporates the definition of “penny stock” that is found in Rule 3a51-1 of the Exchange Act. The SEC generally defines a penny stock to be any equity security that has a market price less than US$5.00 per share, subject to certain exceptions. We are subject to the SEC’s penny stock rules. Since our common stock is deemed to be penny stock, trading in the shares of our common stock is subject to additional sales practice requirements on broker dealers who sell penny stock to persons other than established customers and accredited investors. “Accredited investors” are generally persons with assets in excess of US$1,000,000 or annual income exceeding US$200,000 or US$300,000 together with their spouse. For transactions covered by these rules, broker dealers must make a special suitability determination for the purchase of securities and must have the purchaser’s written consent to the transaction prior to the purchase. Additionally, for any transaction involving a penny stock, unless exempt, the rules require the delivery, prior to the first transaction, of a risk disclosure document prepared by the SEC relating to the penny stock market. A broker-dealer also must disclose the commissions payable to both the broker-dealer and the registered representative and current quotations for the securities. Finally, monthly statements must be sent disclosing recent price information for penny stocks held in an account and information to the limited market in penny stocks. Consequently, these rules may restrict the ability of broker-dealer to trade and/or maintain a market in our common stock and may affect the ability of our stockholders to sell their shares.

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