Please add TLFA

Please can you add the following:

TLFA (OTC Markets): Tandy Leather factory

Many thanks

Hi @Sam1 as this is an OTC share it needs to meet certain criteria to be added.

That is unfortunate. I understand that TAFL is a microcap but it has a long history 25yrs+ of operations with annual revenue of 80mil/yr that recently delisterd from nasdaq and (hopefully) will relist shortly. The only of the above criteria it doesn’t satisfy is the share price just (currently 4.40) but it is not a penny stock with high volatility. Is this a hard and fast rule and would it only be added were stock price to rise another 15%?

@krr13 can this now be added as it above $5 stock price?

They have a ‘Delinquent SEC Reporting’ warning against them so that might be preventing them from being given PSE status.

In any case I think the avg volume of ~11k is not high enough for 212 to add. They need volume to average over 1.5m I’m afraid.

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