Adding companies

Hi, I can’t find these companies using the search function
Arc Minerals Ltd, ARCM
Condor Gold PLC, CNR
Is it possible to add them?

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to go ahead with the requests, as our intermediary doesn’t support that segment of the LSE, @G_Mal. Any other requests are more than welcome, though :pray:

Which segment of the LSE did this apply to?

I’ve logged for steppe cement, spectra systems, and metals exploration plc.

None of these are not on the site. They are listed in the AIM market but so is marks electrical but this is on t212.

Can you help me understand which segment of lse is not covered?

It applies to the ASX1 segment of the LSE, @ShrewdDude.

Here’s an additional thread regarding Stocks & ETFs requests that might be helpful :pray: