After ex date value loss

Doe stocks always lose value after the ex date. Just noticed that I was down on my 2 that went ex recently.
If that’s the case I am going to incorporate it into my buying strategy ie wait for ex date on stocks I want to hold

Stock’s dont lose value on ex date because of a dividend. The share price typically drops by the value of the dividend you are expected to receive, so there is no value lost to you. Everything else is day on day market movement.

If you’re not bothered about the dividend, then yes you could wait until ex date, to buy the stock, rather than essentially holding uninvested cash in the form of the pending dividend payment.


Indeed, thinking it through, you may decide that in a taxable account it is rather self defeating to buy a high yielding stock just before it goes ex-dividend. You are spending money which will soon be returned to you as the dividend, but now subject to income tax.

There are of course other considerations. Maybe you think the price is going up fast and buying now will capture more capital gain than waiting a few days for the stock to go ex div…

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