AIM Listed security warning


I get the following message when I try to buy a stock (AGM). Can anyone tell what does this mean? Is it safe to invest then? :slight_smile:


Hi there, it means that it is not easy to buy or sell those type of shares because their supply or demand is very low. It does not necessarily mean they are not safe to trade. It’s just that if you invest your money may be locked up for some time and also in some cases those companies may fail which means you lose all your money. Sometimes these AIM listed companies can grow big and move to FTSE 250 and eventually FTSE 100. It would be too risky though to invest large sums. If you were doing it as a part of a diversified portfolio that would be fine.


Thanks a lot. That’s very informative. :slight_smile:

Ohh that’s nice there is a warning now. Good feature @Team212


I bought in 2 companies like this ,uk , but I still sold them.
I was thinking will be forever :joy::joy::joy: but was just seconds.
Is a good warning any way.

Some can and do take a while to go through, the less popular ones that are traded less

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