Bacanora Lithium

I’ve been trying so hard to buy this :frowning:

It’s just constantly ‘pending’ when I try to out it through. Ideally, I want to buy through my ISA, but it seems as though I’m having to use other brokers to purchase!

Anyone else having issues with AIM shares?

I had similar issue. Spent two days waiting. Ordered more at 23, price went up and up, eventually it bought at 28. Try making multiple buys for smaller amounts. That seemed to quicken it as they were not filled all at once but one or two at a time (suggesting therefore it helps)

Thanks for the response…

I think I put an order for around £3.00 through just to see whether it will work!

Really don’t want to have to use another broker :frowning:

Unfortunately, I believe as an AIM stock they tend to have far lower volumes.
As normal if nobody is selling the stock then there is none to buy. The purchasing of shares in multiple small amounts can help. However, be aware that if there is low volume then selling at a future point is also not guaranteed at the price you want.

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It’s also the liquidity provider, as I can purchase through a different platform, but it’s my 212 ISA I ideally wish to buy through!

I’m tempted to put the orders all through £1.00 at a time