AirBnb IPO - Summer 2020

Airbnb to file for IPO this month: Report


Won’t be touching that one with a barge pole

Strange times! Who would have thought we’d be saying that about an AirBnb IPO lol

@AdrianUK We’ll have it available (in fractional shares too) the second it goes live.


Hi @David can i ask when t212 will resume expansion of the stocks available on the app please? I know you’re making everything fractional (which is great btw) but I would love to see more stocks on top also if possible.

Sorry if you’ve said it elsewhere and i’ve missed it.

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Thanks very much @David !

@OilandBlood After a month or so. Until then, we’ll be focusing on fractional shares.


Cheers for the update. Keep up the good work.