Roblox & AirBnb & Affirm IPOs in December

Some big names are going public in december. Can we expect to have access to them as soon posibble?

PS: Please add Drone delivery Canada


They’re very good at adding IPOs (yesterday not withstanding!) but make a point of adding the big ones on the day.

Roblox is very intriguing.


roblox is very exciting…promising IPO

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Will this be coming to 212 once the IPO goes live.

I’m sure @Joey_Fantana will be on it. He’s the IPO master in getting T212 to add them promptly.


I’m anticipating a similar scenario with Roblox as with Snowflake or Asana in that I’d envision it’ll rise by a large amount before becoming available to retailers. They’re killing it on sales due to Covid.

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That’s just the IPO process unfortunately. The institutional deals are struck the day before they go live. Sucks and the only way you’re getting in early is if your capital is above a certain 7 figure sum.

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It’ll be intrestibg to see what it lands at, the SEC details a fair value between roughly 5-8 dollars a share.

Looks like they’ve had some impressive growth over the last few years though!

Where do the filings state that? Can’t say |'ve ever noticed that detail before - presume it’s in the prospectus?

$5-8? So likely to see this around $20-25 by the time we get in. That still seems okay to me.

Oh dear I’m going to have to scroll through again, bare with.

F29 :ok_hand:

This it?

Ooh crossover, but looks right. Can’t see the F29 refrence but mine was on page 115 of the prospectus. :+1:t2:


Indeed, I mean in the sense of it becoming a big increase and high profile one like Asana or Snowflake.

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No worries.

The amount of ratings on the App Store is around 642k so there’s a hell of a lot of traction in this.

I’ll see what it comes out at, I may just get 5 shares or so to get some interest (pending further reading)

There is a lot of potential outside the US as 70% seems to be a local user base.

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Oh yeah - I had no awareness until recently so hoped it was low-flyer but very much doubt it - reckon this’ll at least double on open. Hopefully opens quite low, per the above.


What’s the IPO date?

Roblox will be performing an IPO soon and I’m very interested in buying as soon as the IPO begins. If trading212 could support Roblox from the day it enters the market I would really appreciate it.


They are very fast with IPOs, don’t worry you’ll get access ASAP when it launches.

What’s the purpose of the Class H stock for air bnb? Can’t make sense of it.