All positions closed

Hello on friday night at about 1030pm all my positions were closed and i now cant place a single buy or sell! I get a message everytime i try that reads, “you cannot have more than 0 positions open.” Whats going on? Has this happened to anybody else?

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Hey @Mpruss,

As of 20.03, our service is no longer available in Canada. We apologize - it was definitely a tough decision.

While I understand the possible confusion, we did everything possible to inform clients about the upcoming suspension:

  • By sending you 3 emails, one of which was sent by me, including a detailed explanation about the whole situation, and how your account will be affected (date: 11.03.2020; subject: Suspension of service in Canada - 20.03);
  • We tried to reach every single client over the phone - while checking our internal notes, I can see that our team called you, however, we received no answer :confused: ;
  • By sending you 2 in-app notifications;
  • We also sent a push notification.

As indicated in the emails/notifications - all positions had to be closed until 20.03.2020. Unfortunately, all left open positions after that moment had to be closed on our behalf at the last available market price. Moreover, all accounts were suspended until the remaining funds are withdrawn.

Thank you for being with us during that whole time, and we hope that one day we’ll be back. :pray:

I figured this would be one of the reasons why but i didnt get an email and my phone # hasnt been updated yet, my fault.
Thanks for the clarification.
Hopefully you guys can open up again in canada in the near future, until then Ciao!

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