CFD Position automatically closed without the share hitting the price - ✅ Solved

Hello Guys,

I faced a wierd scenario just now. My Lloyds position was closed automatically with a stop loss of - 55.19
" The position BUY 1 500 LLOY @ 0.3028 was closed with a result of EUR -55.19" but Lloyds did not go to the price point .3028 today at all. I think the system made a massive error.

I had a stop loss well above that never got triggered.

Also at the same instant I got another alert " LLOY reached a price of 0.4000"

Something wierd going on here.

Can you please help and explain me the reason. Also this is super unfair. I was earning a profit of €27 when the position was closed?

@George @David The value of LLOY is increasing beyond .35 now. Having checked different data sources the drop never happened.

Please look in how you will compensate users for the increasing price as well.

Also, as I have checked different stocks in the US this has happened also with US stocks. Please compensate there as well. (AAL stop loss at 19.1 sell price at 14.37 - this never happened). I am losing profits here as well.

Hopefully, you have a good and fair way of reimbursing and compensating the losses of your customers.


I’ve had the same issue. All of my positions after 2pm were closed at ridiculous lows far beneath my stop losses WH Smiths closed 3.070 and it has never been that low.

Clearly we’re all having the same issue, so this a consumer rights issue now.


Did exact same with me only for Barclays and it executed a price well after my stop loss resulting in over £100 down

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Same here. I placed a limit order just now to buy at 0.3520 max as well that somehow filled at 0.400600. I’ve sent a message to them. Anyone from t212 on here that can help with this?

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it happened to me also about the same time.

Well i see this crazy price.

Seen this on couple of other treads previous, was legit…

Something’s off it seems

NKLA did this today, but spiked all the way to 100 - 101 price range. Then down to 87 ish range.

Yeah what the heck happened with carnival too!

So I had a stop loss at set well above that limit clearly the stop loss did not trigger. this is not even a case of market gapping out.


From graph the price of Lloyds was below 0.30 GPX at one point…

Agree - but then the stop loss should have triggered before that. I also got a wierd alert that Lloyds has reached a price of .40 at the same very instant.

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 15.10.49

I got this too for carnival! The software has had a nightmare and our stop losses have been smashed right through.

I am no expert in CFD/STOP Loss, maybe @Team212 can assist in.

The stop loss gets triggered when the current price reaches or surpasses the stop loss price. The stop loss price is not guaranteed execution price. In other words if the price jumps past your SL you get that price.


George - I am well aware of that, but I think there is something wrong going on with the syste. You cannot reach .40 and .3028 at the same very instant. Look at my screenshot.

Sounds like a high frequency trader gamed the book. It happens, you have to be very careful with your SL, it sells at the market price when it triggers.

Someone saw an opportunity and sniped your Stop Loss.

The staff always default to “it’s not our problem”, you’ll have to gather evidence and then email it through, this happened to me 4 weeks ago and I’m STILL waiting for a resolution

@George why did it surpass all our SLs at such an extraordinary amount?? Look at my SL placed and it just so happened to execute at this?? What’s the point in putting them in if the system just bypasses us by not a few points but triple digits

It can happen if your price alert is following the buy price and only sell price jumped. I can’t see from your screenshot if this is a buy price alert