All Things ARK + Requests

Collective of ARK requests.

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Please add ARKK from Ark Invest Fund:

I really like their philosophy and they have been getting major attention recently even on mainstream media like CNBC. They are specially known for their high allocation to TSLA. The goal of this ETF is to track cutting-edge technologies only. You can read more on the linked page.

Cathie Wood, the head, has some really interesting points that I agree with.

Please check some of her videos:


Kindly add Arkk etf in this platform

Thank you :pray:t3:


Is it possible to add ARKK (ETF) ?
or any EU UCITS alternatives for this?


No it’s not possible.

Make it yourself in the pies function


ARK Innovation Fund. Come one T212 load up on ARK!


Why are people so desperate to invest in this without doing any research whatsoever?


I think ARKK has been beating the SP500 for some time now. Plus, the rationale behind it makes it a valuable bet for long term investing.

I know what ARK is and does.

But you can’t buy it in the EU, how are people not finding this info?

Can we get Ark Invest stock? that would be really lovely to add in my long term portfolio

Sadly not. Ark is not eligible for inclusion in 212’s listings.

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Maybe have a look at their holdings and pick some of their most highly regarded/promising ones. And keep an eye on any changes they make every now and then. Best you can do without the actual ETF.


okie will do that for sure then. thank you!

Welcome to the community. It is worth using search to discover if anyone has ever requested ARKK previously, and with what result. :grinning:

RPAR ETF is unfortunately not for European investors since it is not UCITS compliant.


Ark Invest: ARKK or ARKW or ARKG. Ideally all three. Thanks. Returned 300% since the market bottom.

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ARK ETFs are not supported in Europe. Only way is to manually create pie with same weightings.

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I can buy via IGIndex, Interactive Brokers so why can’t Trading 212 support? Yeah manually doing is not smart IMHO, you don’t know there exact transactions, all you get is the holdings each quarter. I’ll wait until they are available on 212, then I’ll dollar cost average. Their returns have been outstanding.

They won’t be available in EU for retail investors.

Maybe you are recognised as professional investor on other platform.

Hopefully they become compliant then because I’m sure we would all be investing.

If you search for ARKK on the forum you’ll see just how many are ready to invest. :wink: