European investors can access Cathie Wood’s ARK ETFs for first time


12 months ago this would have been huge news.


I noticed today a few ETPs have been stood up that short their ETFs x2, 3 etc.

The high growth is really struggling at the moment.

Cathie also probably has a really high stake in low/no multiple companies due to the dip buying. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how it pans out!

@Oktay no official anouncement on the forum from you.
Will all 42 new ETPs be awlvailable on T212?

Hey Rygel!

I wanted to make a post once all the products are tradable on the platform, but nothing gets past you guys :smiley:.

I think all of the ETPs have already been added on T212, I just need to contact IBKR first to sort out some trading issues since they were listed today. Will make a post once this is done :wink:


Unbelievable, I see them already in 212. Thanks :pray:t2:


I assume these are for short term trades only?

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The short and leveraged ones, yes they are.

Just made a post: ARK ETPs by Leverage Shares


I was hoping/waiting for short ARK ETPs for almost a year, even before the US SARK ETF was launched. It seems so far a good bet. :slight_smile:


Me too! Me too!! :smiley: :smiley:

ARKK -1 is just 0.35% less interesting than what ARKK was a year ago.

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