AMC Stock (Fundamental) Analysis (& your opinion!)

If you can’t explain to an 11-year-old in two minutes why you own a stock, then you shouldn’t own it.

  • Peter Lynch, 1997

Hi there, fellow investors.

I just released an analysis of AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC stock) on YouTube. I covered how the company makes its money, the leadership team, trends and challenges in the cinema industry, financial performance (vs competitors), and AMC’s future outlook. I was hoping you could give me some feedback on the video: whether you find it valuable, what could be improved, and if you’d like to see more videos covering other companies. I really appreciate your feedback!

Here’s the link.

(Side note: please, if you click on the video, don’t skip away from it as I just started the channel, so viewers not watching the video might send the wrong signal to the algorithm. You know how it works.)

Thank you in advance,

CEO could do to learn this.

Ok I’m out. He calls AA esteemed.

How did you miss that massive unmanageable debt pile, the dwindling cash and the huge consistent losses.

Dead company, swimming naked.

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