How many people still holding AMC ENTERTAIMENT,

How many people still holding AMC ENTERTAINMENT,
What should we do, Hold for long term or Sell at lost?

I’m still holding my shares (-50%) and won’t be selling any time soon

I would imagine it would be awhile before it’s pumped again unless WSBs have another plan.

For the stock to gain naturally to 20 again would be many years I’m guessing.

It’s market cap is 2 Billion at $6 which is probably high for the state of the business.

Next general meeting…


I have lost more than 50%, and I am becoming nervous Because the institution has more power to manipulation the Market. do you have any good reason to keep holding AMC ENTERTAINMENT,

you mean keep holding is not a good decision?

It’s not really for me to say.

From my experience I had money left in GNUS as it bleed out and held through almost a year and it was pumped again enough to get out in profit.

So maybe :man_shrugging:

Depends if you need that cash or happy for it to sit. Or whether taking a loss means that you could reinvest and gain that back. Be careful chasing losses though as it’s easy to jump into another P&D trying to get rich.

A lot of articles are bearish on the future but in these crazy times anything is possible.

Looking atm it keeps testing 5.75 support

Long term

I’ve been in a few of these meetings before :sweat_smile:


Which share should go up today?

Blockchain is still hot today thanks to Elon with the 1.5 Billion Bitcoin thing yesterday.

This is pre market now and about an hour ago they were nuts so should be another green day. :crossed_fingers:

Shame we don’t have pre with T212, might still see some gains during normal hours though.

It’s a :roller_coaster:

As always do your own DD :sweat_smile:


There’s no particular reason to keep hold, just that it only represents less than 0.1% of my total portfolio so it wouldn’t make a dent even if I lost the whole thing.

Any idea about Chesapeake energy since yesterday their trading is suspended, do you know any reason. I am down by nearly £800. Thanks

@$10 bagholder here
I used free money