Amount blocked for pending orders

In my demo invest account, I can see the amount blocked for pending orders below the ‘free funds’ and ‘portfolio’ amounts. However, when I switch to real money, that area of the screen is empty.

It would be really useful to have the same information available in the real money account as well. I haven’t found any way to enable it in Settings.

This is shown because there are pending orders in your pie/one of your pies in your practice account. If there are on real money account, it will show the same.

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Hmm, I don’t currently use pies in either account. I have normal pending orders in both - limit orders in my demo account and limit orders in my real account. However, I’ve never seen the blocked amount in my real money account.

I see this when I fund my pies and it triggers new orders. Until the markets open (for example if you fund in the morning and US markets are still closed) you will see this message.

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