View Pending orders

Having the ability to view all pending orders on the app in one tab would be great (having a total etc).


These are available in your Investment list with a clock symbol on the right.

On the android app? On the web platform there’s the order list (however it does not give the total price). On the android app, I do not have an order list.

Totally agree. It would be great to have the ‘Pending orders’ tab with all your pending orders, similar to ‘Price alerts’, for mobile apps.
Having all orders in one place makes control easier, especially when you plan to buy shares which have not bought previously.



Defenitly would be great to search for pending orders. As far I m concern I can’t easily look for pending orders on iOS app, especially if I have a pending order in shares that I already own.
Through the help chat they keep me saying its possible, but I can’t.
Anyone with same problem or any help to find pending shares?

Anyone here can help with that?

If someone knows how to do that would be very appreciated.

Welcome on your first post. I use android, thought the apps are very similar I believe. Unfortunately, you have to find the orders and keep scrolling so far.