Amprius Technologies Inc NYSE: AMPX

please add Amprius Technologies Inc NYSE: AMPX :grinning:

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Hello, I’ve passed your request on to the team. Once there are any updates, I’ll share them here. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to let me know if any other instruments come to mind :ok_hand:

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Hope AMPX will be added to ISA.

Once we get word on whether or not we’ll be able to add it to the platform as a whole, we’ll check if the stock is ISA-eligible as well.

I’ll keep you posted.

hi any update for stock ampx adding to platform ?

Not yet. The request is still under review :hourglass_flowing_sand: We’ll update the thread when there’s any news.

Hi @B.E any updates for amprius getting added please ?

No updates at this point, @Crazyev - the instrument is still under review. We’ll keep you updated on any news :pray:

Hey, @Crazyev :wave:

We’ve just added Amprius Technologies (AMPX)!