AMZN earnings: Q4 2020 sales topped $100 billion, Bezos to step down as CEO

Hi, any thoughts if Amazon will just keep on getting larger & larger? Is there a natural point at which a company can’t expand or diversify anymore! it seems to be an unstoppable beast & I’m sure Bezos will be very happy knowing he now has a bit more time to spend his $188 billion! stepping down as CEO in Q3 2021!

Hasn’t even managed to touch China, internalise their supply chain and/or plateau on stream m yet so I would say it’s got a while to run!

You need to look at the divisional breakdown for where growth will come from, headline figures don’t really tell much. Granted most of their divisions could be companies in their own right and I believe Amazon would be in the top 100 counties if it was legal state!

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