Amazon Growth Since 2000

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I was reviewing previous financial statements from Amazon since back in 2000, its clear that Revenue was steadily increasing over these years. You can also see that each year they increased their marketing budget also. I kindly wondered please what other factors, were important, that could be seen on their financial statements, that would have helped Amazon become so successful please? For instance whether it was hiring more staff, more investments in infrastructure and would this have been seen on the balance sheets please. If anyone kindly had any thoughts on this i would be forever grateful and thankful for your support with this.

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Don’t think of Amazon as simply an online retailer. They are diversifying and there cloud business, streaming services, etc are all significant and we may see them diversify more and develop the non retail businesses. They are investing in AI and are obviously a major distribution company. They have dabbled in autonomous vehicles and robotics so it would not be surprising to see them significantly develop the distribution and robotics side of the business.

I am not sure historical balance sheets will tell you much but they are obviously very important. Also staff is a complicated subject because the stock market often welcomes the news that a company is laying off loads of people (cost saving, efficiency…) whereas I think hiring people is a good sign (bwdik).

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