An easier way to set SL/TP?

Is there a way to set TP and SL other than by entering it manually/doing the math while in the market order window? It’s not possible to hover the mouse while this window is open and see exact numbers other than what the chart axis shows which misses numbers in between.

Currently I’m examining the chart, writing down the SL/TP points and then going to the market order to enter this data… but sure enough on short term trades the price has shifted dramatically in all the time it takes to do the aforementioned, meaning I might be missing opportunities.

I have seen other platforms where you can simply click on the chart where you want to place your SL and TP, and it is easier for me because I am quite a visual person. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate your insight.

Many thanks!


I assume you are talking about CFD. In that case you can set the TP and SL at ordering.

Adding to this if you clicking on the order again on desktop you can set a trailing loss too.

Hey - I am aware of this feature, thanks. I am wondering is there an alternative way of setting SL/TP visually from the chart rather than looking at numbers on the order window with no reference for where the trend has been going, points of resistance/support etc. I fear there isn’t an alternative but I wanted to ask the community to see if anyone else has a recommendation :slight_smile:

You can always type into the result box instead how much you want before you cash out, and how much you are willing to lose before exiting, and it’ll work out the distance.

heres a quick example of entering 10p either way (based on just 100), and it worked out the distance.


On desktop there is a way to do what you describe.


You can drag the TP/SL by clicking on them and moving the resulting line up/down on the chart. When you release the mouse it will set the pending order. Hopefully this is what you are looking for. No idea if this can be done on mobile as I don’t use the app much.

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Thats an even better recommendation.

I don’t think you can on mobile. The mobile is really lacking on CFD

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Yes this is what I’m looking for, but do you still need to place the order the normal way before being able to access this format?

You place the trade as normal, then on the chart you drag SL/TP to correct place.

Try it in demo account yourself first is easiest way to be sure it does what you need.

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