Buy order with stop-loss


I’m working in Asian time so it’d be nice to have an automatic stop-loss when I put a limit or stop buy order. For example, say a stock’s current price is $10, I wanna buy it when it climbs above $13 (e.g. a breakout after the resistance but I might be sleeping). In the meantime, I want to set a stop-loss. Is this doable?

I’m not aware of a way to do this yet using the Invest / ISA accounts.
I hope it is something they can add in due time.

The CFD side has this with TP and SL limits you can set.

Hope this helps.

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@seabream As of the current moment, when trading on the Invest platform, you need to edit the order/position, once it’s already opened - you cannot set a TP or a SL on a pending order.