An exceedingly important stock

With the current pandemic trend, I have an important stock here that I think should be listed on trading 212 platform.
Nordic American Tankers - $NAT


Dear Amir,

It is listed, please recheck.

Blimey that’s pretty impressive doubled in ten days!

Hey there

10-4, Doc.

Thanks again.

Anyone know the reason for today’s drop?

Was about to buy some of this and luckily held off.

Yea, no. I saw the CEO talk on the news yesterday, about how they’re getting $70,000 per day to store oil, that may be the jump, I feel it may be a pump and dump now that I saw the plummet. With that being said, keep an eye out.

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Just trying to see if I missed the boat now that’s its tanked. :sweat_smile:

From 4$ to 8$ and back to 6$ in less than ten days

Anyone else expecting this to be Mr Kipling? (Might be a very UK based joke…)


So looking into this again it was a clear quick pump and dump. Looks like it’s an excellent buy in at $6

Looking at their site:

1Q2020 report is to be released on Monday May 18, 2020.

Only three weeks and I can imagine the news will be very good. :+1:

When GGP rockets tomorrow I might put some onto NAT

So no rocket on GGP yesterday, just a lot of sell on news. Need to wait for a few days on that.

So haven’t bought any NAT yet, anyone else following?

Dipping below $6 now.

Bargain or wait for a better entry point? Could it be the bottom of the dip :thinking:

Not on my radar, but GGP is getting a thrashing this past day.
Great if your after a bargain.

NAT now at $6.38 and climbing, should have probably picked some up sub $6 :laughing:

Whats that 5%+ in 30mins.

No regrets on GGP. Other that not having more money to topup atm!

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And back down towards $6 what a rollacoster :rofl: :chart_with_downwards_trend:

To be honest, most stocks were up/down 4-5% today.
Been a wild one, I’m hoping for a negative week next week :crossed_fingers: :smiling_imp:

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Back to square one now with NAT. Yeah it’s been a shit week all round. A lot of tech companies announcing crap results as expected and Trump trying to start a war with China.

So I’ve been following this just to see what it’s doing.

Now dipping under $5 but it seems to be showing resistance despite probably being a dollar overvalued still.

Q1 on Monday, trying to work out if it will go up on that or not. I think people are still hurting from the pump and dump.

@Amir.A or anyone who’s reading this? Do you have a plan?

Past week it’s been battling at $5.

:thinking: do I buy in the next three days or am I playing with fire…

:fire: :fire_extinguisher: :fire_engine: :sweat_smile:

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:firecracker: :boom: :chart_with_downwards_trend: :fire: :hot_face:


:chart_with_upwards_trend: :rocket: :moneybag:

Well if it holds near $4.50 I might be in, looking at $3.50 (-22%) worse case and $5-6 (11-33%) best case on Monday. I really can’t be sure of anything so its a bit of a punt in all honesty.

It’s probably worth $3-4 so its risky play, but could get some attention for a quick play. Might set a stop at $4 and raise it up to $5 if it gets to a stable $5.50

With £500 worth it’s either a +/-£55 or +£165 best scenario at $6 a share.

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Call me when it’s 3.50 and I’ll buy your shares :wink: ha.


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Novavax is one to watch… I bought 99 stocks in April (When it was around $23) and sold yesterday following the announcement of funding and stock shoot up to $42…Thanks to Trading 212, I have made a profit of £1236.

I am looking at the stock of Moderna now.

Good Luck everyone

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