Any information about these stocks?

#safemoon.x and #safemars.x
Any information about these stocks?
Thank you

Do you know what you are looking at, these dont look like companies/stocks to me.

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I think is some sort of cryptocurrency.
I just saw them on Stocktwits but not information available about it.
Thank you.

It is crypto… Not stocks

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Yes, I know about Safemoon Crypto.

You can buy using MetaMask mobile wallet.

  1. Buy BNB in Binance
  2. Create Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network in metamask wallet and switch to that.
  3. Send BNB from binance to metamask using BEP20
  4. Add Safemoon token using safe
    moon address.
  5. Open browser in metamask wallet and open website PancakeSwap and swap your BNB to Safemoon with 12% slippage percentage.

Word of caution: If any step is wrongly done, all your coins are lost. And there is no real value for these tokens!!!

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They are known as shitcoins used for pump and dumps. A bit like the targeted US penny stocks.

It’s literally a case of flip a coin whether it goes up or down.