Crypto currency plans

Hi, I’ve noticed the bitcoin etf is on close only, does 212 have any plans to trade in crypto in the future?

I think they should as most other platforms seem to fall short of 212 in so many areas, the biggest and most Important area for me being the speed in which you can add funds to your account which 212 is clearly the fastest as I’ve read so many complaints on other platforms about this.

I think 212 would dominate the crypto market if they decided to take it on board, let’s be honest, crypto is here to stay.

They’re not allowed to legally.

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Well they aren’t allowed to offer ETNs or CFD derivatives because of the backward FCA.

They can of course set themselves up as a crypto exchange and add crypto trading on actual coins/tokens.

Though I’d rather they focus on improving their shares game. Plenty of decent crypto exchanges already.

How about buying coins directly like what Robinhood does

Yeah so T212 could set themselves up as an exchange and allow crypto trading.

The FCA ruling only prevents derivatives so you can hold the coin/tokens just not any product that references the underlying asset.

The FCA did this under the guise of “protecting retail customers” from themselves.

Bloody annoying as you can’t hold crypto ETPs inside an ISA. And just the rest of the world starts getting more and more crypto products like Etherum.

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My plans for crypto are to claim as much free crypto as possible and hold that for long term.

Bitcoin or variants in itself have seen a huge rise, but I’m still not 100% convinced it will become mainstream in its current form.

1). It’s networks use a lot of power so not that environmentally friendly.

2). Too many variants.

3). It’s touted as an alternative to cash, but can’t handle the same volume of transactions, by a factor in the thousands per second compared to traditional means.

I think we will see huge swings to come tbh.


I agree with you. Its hard to invest in something with no intrinsic value, although the intrinsic value of fiat money can also be debated, crypto like dodge is pure gambling.

I think bitcoin and ethereum are a little better, bitcoin because of its hard limit and company/institutional ownership, and ethereum because its one of the main underlying tech behind blockchain so owning a token to me seems a bit like owning a share in a company.

I also wonder how many people are going to develop gambling addictions.

I like the blockchain technology, having a public ledger would help prevent fraud, tax evasion and corruption, but as you say its transaction speeds and power consumption are a problem.

NFTs are even harder for me to get on board with.

  1. Whilst Bitcoin itself does use a lot of power. The “not that environmentally friendly” is a bit a FUD issue. The vast majority is from renewable sources 80% and in a lot of cases uses the excess power where it can’t be stored. Whilst Bitcoin will always be PoW, most alts have moved/moving to a proof of stake instead of mining.

  2. Are you talking alts in general or Bitcoin cash/gold variants?
    Whilst there’s thousands of coins/tokens there’s probably only a few hundred that have real life application. Most aren’t trying to be the next bitcoin. Only a handful are trying to be cash replacement like Monero or Nano. Plenty of blockchains are created for specific things be that video streaming, file storage, IOT, governance and gaming.

  3. It’s only touted as cash by those that are usually no-coiners. It’s possibly one of the worst choices with expense fees, slow transfer, high volatility.
    Bitcoin is a store of value, and thats ok. The same way you aren’t going to go into Sainsburys carrying a bar of Gold.

To me DOGE is no different than the Robinhood generation and WSBs with stocks. GME and pumping and dumping those OTC pennystocks.

It’s the toxic TikTok and youtube “COINNAME going to x100” videos that are a plague.

If you focus on the blockchains that are the DOT ADA SOL AVAX or oracles with LINK BAND or dex cex tokens like BNB UNI CAKE etc then its more like playing with the blue chip of stocks. Those all have purpose and will be there to shape the next century and beyond.

If you are holding Defi tokens then its a safe bet for the future as people move away from banks.

@Dougal1984 this Tiktok sums it up :rofl:

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Gaming assets and VR

Digital art

Those are the key one worth trillions. Think Pokemon Go and being able to trade, and Magic the Gathering in the same way people pay hundreds of thousands for a card.

I’m holding my ENJ tightly.

Plenty of other things like event tickets, insurance, domain names all NTF use cases.

Sports is another big area with ones like CHZ, from fans wanting to collect their favourite player as cards to being able to get exclusive access.

Literally anything where you need either limited or one-offs.

Most of these coins are already multibillion dollar cap coins. I feel like getting in now gives a lot of downside risk but only limited upside.

I should have invested in January, but did not have the funds ;-(

Doge is pure gambling and I won’t touch it. Funny enough Musk shows up on SNL and tweets bullish about DOGE and the coin tanks immediately 25% lol

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Completely agree. Now theres so many i don’t know where to put my money if i decide to invest.

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:sweat_smile: Relevant tweet this morning…

The total market cap of crypto is still only about 2.6T which sounds a lot until you realise thats only like one APPL.

Gold is about 10T, stocks about 90T

It’s only just getting started.

Whilst the bullmarket will probably end this year and complete its cycle, I don’t think the pullback will be the same this time now we have the institutions and big money involved.

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I worry the longer i leave not getting involved with crypto in some way the more i’ll regret it in a few years time.
I actually owned and mined a few bitcoins for a few days when it first came out but couldn’t see the relevance of it at the time. Don’t event know what happened to it.

I want to buy some and hold for a few years but don’t know what.

The biggest tip I can give is DCA and holding works better than trading and entering and exiting.

The issue I have is taking profits on the way up, and at some point you then to decide if you re-enter.

My biggest regret is not buying more ADA and DOT, I turned $300 into a few thousand but dam I should have loaded the boat.

0.1 > 1.75
4 > 40

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And that whole cycles/seasons thing confuses the hell out of me.

I read when btc rises it drags other coins with it a new cycle starts and cryptos gain in value

I also read when btc rises, money goes from altcoins into btc and altcoins fall or stagnate
If btc falls altcoins rise

So what is it now, so confusing that whole alt season thing…

I know you are on binance, me 2, I am happy so far with the service

Could you explain why it is near impossible to stake some decent coin? ADA and such I mean…
Everytime I go to the “earn” section there is no way to stake…
Is it first come first serve or what am I missing?

Only this atm

I would also recommend one of these if you want to earn interest, no ADA but Cel has DOT.

The USDT / USDC or any stablecoin is pretty insane.