Any profitable trader that wishes to help?

Personally I wouldn’t give the op the time of day.

Certainly too sensitive to be trading


I have noticed his response to @Joey_Fantana after posting. Would not have bothered otherwise…

Its true emotional and sensitive people will have trouble surviving in stock market, but more importantly manners matter. no need to be a snowflake and lash out on anyone, let alone some one like Joey.

edit: hoping it might benefit other people :woman_shrugging:


just some comments about your post, hope it’ll be helpful.

This is one of the most bullish periods in the last decade (some even say unreasonably bullish) It is important to benchmark your portfolio vs common indices. For example SNP is up 29% and Nasdaq is 48% in the same period. Also it is important to forget about daily/monthly gains and try to look over years if not decades. (I know you just started, but just saying)

Here is my portfolio (red) vs SNP (black solid) vs QQQ (dotted black) since 2018

I highly recommend reading some books. I dislike videos and “quick win” articles. But if you want to do this for years, spending some cash into some cult books that are written decades ago about fundamentals is one of the best investments you can do.

Motley Fool is actually one of the better free ones out there. One important caveat is to distinguish between articles written by real people and “autogenerated” articles that just try to lure you into a subscription. i.e zacks articles are almost exclusively autogenerated, simply wall street, insider monkey are also worse offenders. Even when you read articles, just take them as opinion pieces rather than factual winners.


Thanks all for raining on my parade. I feel specially confident now that I know my gains had nothing to do with educated decisions, but just throwing money on stocks which were going to go up anyway, cos SNP was going up.

Good job guys, In short, I suck at trading



Just have to suck less than the other guy, then you can feel superior again. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Trading is a skill like any other but its also a process that needs to be explainable and repeatable otherwise your just throwing things at a wall hoping they stick…

My best advice would be ignore get rich quick trading programs and focus on fundamentals, understand the why, why are you buying this company, what’s your risk management? when will you look to take profit, when will you cut a loss?

its not a simple follow lines on a chart… you need to understand what’s going on…

hope this helps


Also, you need to be clear on some aspects

  1. Are you doing trading(buy-sell) or investing (medium to long term holding)?
  2. Risk level (Low, medium, high, very high)
  3. Markets to trade (US, UK, Euro, Asia, etc.,) (Non base currency markets have FX implications)
  4. Where to do, Invest or CFD accounts.
  5. What instrument: Stocks, Commodities (Oil, gold, silver, etc.,), ETF’s, ETP’s,etc.,
  6. When to invest: Depends on risk level, (Ex: Market corrections, regular investment, lump sum, etc.,)

I have done some investment on a daily basis for 2 years in Asian markets in indices, with 8% returns. In the same index funds, i have also invested monthly and the return is around 6%. (Also depends on the instrument price at position exit time)

For other, stocks & commodities it is around 12% on an average including some profits and some losses. (30% of stocks in profit and 70% of stocks in loss, overall it is 12%)

Also, even if a strategy is well defined, it needs a change/update based on market/global conditions and the definition of strategy based on a continuous market learning process.

Like said in earlier comments by other people, practice is the one which gives you what’s happening in the market and how to react.

Did you tried the ProQuant which also has an integration with Trading212 RealMoney/Practice with automated strategies. There are some publicly available strategies and the profit it earned over a period of time. May be give it a try with the practice account.

It’s nearly 3 decades i am following and analysing stock markets.

Good luck with your investing/trading.

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Thanks for your detailed reply.

I have been on Proquant yeah and tried a lot of other strategies and approaches but I keep getting caught in losses.

Only one of you guys messaged me privately to really sharing his secrets.

I’m kinda tired… I may give up.

Thanks everyone


Dude, without people using stocks as lottery tickets the smart money wouldn’t have a pool from where to take their gains, so you as many others out there need that, you actually keep posting videos on YouTube and any other random article about strategies so that people thinks it’s easy, they go and try, start losing, get trapped in the spiral of recovery and face loss after loss to fuel others TP

“Smart money” can’t be that smart since they are selling when I’m buying and buying when I’m selling. :roll_eyes:

@UndercoverWinner can you elaborate on what you mean by ‘losing’ money. Are you literally selling at a loss or saying it’s a loss cos you didn’t make the theoretical profit by selling too early?

Give us some examples of money you’ve lost and on which stocks… when?

When I first started trading, I was trading like a thicko, buying and selling on the same day. Thought if it’s gone down, it won’t come back up. Ahaha took me a couple of days to realise, stock markets open the next day too and stuff goes back up as well.

You’re not trying to day trade and selling at a loss each time are you?

Are you sure that is correct? You don’t have to buy from shareholders who have lost money - for example if I buy shares at 1p and they grow to 30p then I sell them to you and the share price continues to grow then we’ve both made money - that is part of the point of trying to invest in growing companies.

It doesn’t have to be the case that for you to do well someone else loses.

Never traded stocks. Mainly EUR USD. Do you advise to buy stocks? Buy and just wait for them to go in profit? How long do you keep them for and what profit % do you make per day or per week or per month more or less obviously I’m not expecting exact figures just to have an idea

I said earlier, I’m no Gordon gekko, but I’ve made around 30 percent on stocks since april (1k a month) but some people burst my bubble and took the wits out of my trading. Apparently a donkey would have made the same amount since then. Maybe you should try your luck on stocks. If they go down, all you gotta do is wait unless the company is going bust or something.

Stick with big companies, when they go deep in the red, buy and leave.
If you want to do day trading, you’ll have to watch em like a hawk.

Some basic rules like don’t buy at peak, check revenue and history, read the news, correlate it with current events, That sorta stuff. You can go wrong but most of time time you wont lose money.

Many companies just go through ‘bad patches’, you just gotta buy at the right time.

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I really have to find the article that shows that less than 10% of traders beat the S&P 500 in a 10 years period, even for stock-picking investors, Buffett had to bet money on that to prove how hard it’s (and how confident he is) :money_with_wings:


Are you stroking my ego and saying I did well or resonating with the earlier comments.

Just so we are clear, I’m not butthurt by the earlier comments. :joy:

I didn’t actually give up, and today I have done my very first trade where I was in full control from beginning to the end.

I set the entry level, TP and SL, and price did actually what I predicted.

Nothing like a crazy trend skint to rich in one hour but 30 pips super smooth which is more or less 6.5% profit.

Today for the first time I really felt like before I was just wandering.

It may be just luck and all that but I’ll try the same approach next week and see.