Any Server issues? cannot access site

Last two or three days I’ve been getting occasional error’s
“No connection with the server” on the mobile app.
“502 Bad Gateway” on website. Or a constant loading trying to login.

Very annoying now, as i cannot see my trade and if my stop loss did get set or anything.


Having same issue can not access invest or cfd

Probably has something to do with Coronavirus:)

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Same here cant access both the app and website, No Corona for sure :wink:


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I just kidding :grinning:


It was going 860 last i checked got me excited before the app went down :frowning:

Issue here to. On website and apps on all devices. I had money on Disney estimates CFDs

Yeah same problem, really frustrating, could lose a lot of money.

We’re working to resolve this. Please bear with us.

Edit: We’re back on track. We are sorry for the inconvenience :pray:, and our Customer Care team is available to help in any way.


Luckily I don’t buy on green days :slight_smile:

This is rediculous, right at market open

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Still can not get on my invest account sever still down :rage:

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Pretty sure i just missed myTSLA profits, probs gonna get caught in the fall

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Wow cant buy Tesla stock in the app anymore its crying together with me

T212’s UK number is down too - 02037699897… what’s going on?

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cant connect to sever, kinda sucks :frowning:

That is fortunate for you, I wouldn’t touch stock that had 2 days in row 20% rally :stuck_out_tongue:

why i cant login ???

I have just missed 2000 profit from cfd