Cant Buy or Sell

Is this an issue with the app or just temporary?

We’re looking for a fix, as we speak. We will keep you posted.


Cheers, the stock I was going to buy is dropping in price so no loss here :laughing:

I have to be honest. This is very concerning.
Not being able to sell your funds is a little unsettling.

I sold some stocks earlier, was just when I came to reinvest. First time I’ve noticed an ‘outage’ tbh.

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I’ve been tinkering around today :joy: got a day off, so portfolio rebalancing.
Haven’t been able to edit, buy or sell for a good 30 minutes

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Very concerning! Would really like to close a CFD position but I can’t!

It’s fixed for me now :+1:t2:

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The problem was detected, and a fix for it was deployed. Everyone affected will have to restart the app a couple of times so that the systems can reboot and resume operation as per usual.

The version displayed in the “About us” section should be “5.49.0(3)” or higher.



unfortunately it does not work for me. I have ver. 5.50.0 (3) on Android.
The buttons “sell” “buy” do not react.
Also on the web-browser it does not work at all, cannot even log in, I receive “an unexpected error occured”.

Hey @AndyO - I’d love to take a closer look at that one. Let me quickly DM you :v:

thanks a lot.
What is DM? :thinking:

Well, it’s short for Direct Message. Anyway, I’ve already reached out to you, so please check your inbox, you’ve likely received a notification on the top right corner. :mailbox:

What restart the app means? Install it again?

Hey @Valeron :wave:

If you simply shut the app down altogether and then start it up again, it should work just fine. Otherwise, uninstalling and reinstalling the app should also do the trick.