Any stocks invest in RDIF?

As per the title does anyone know any stocks or even ETFs which invest in the Russian Direct Investment Fund?

RDIF is responsible for the Sputnik V vaccine which is more than 90% effective so it’s quite promising.

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Anyone know about any stocks or ETFs?

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No idea, although it sounds interesting. Take this as a “bump” for the thread :slight_smile: .

Something else, are you (@DKBTRADER ) and @cezar related?
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No but that is weird!!!

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Just two random people appreciating good art :sweat_smile:


Does anyone know any stocks or ETF’s for this?

If you have the ISIN, you may be able to use Finki’s tool to find ETFs that include it. If there are any.

@Finki please can you help me find a ETF for this fund?

Or if anyone else can help they would be great :+1:t2:

Nope. As a Soverign Wealth fund - like you say - you’ll need access via another mechanism. You can not buy RDIF itself.

Best I can find is Sistema is teaming up with RDIF to develop the vaccine via Sistemas BioTech arms/businesses.

You can get Sistema on the Russian Exchange

or you can get an Depository Receipt

But as you can see the ETFs holdings Sistema are low

Depository is traded on London too… but no one really trades it…except Trade Republic

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…But at least it forced me to update the ETF data…

…to search for underlying ETF holdings…


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Thank you for your reply @Finki

I will take a look any way :relaxed: