Gazprom and Russian shares

Do we have an update for our frozen Russian GDR that eill be delisted end of this month? IBKR seems ti convert then as far as i have read. Can T212 coordinate to get this issue sorted, or we stay put and see what happens


Being with 212 is a bit like watching an episode of 24. Lots of tension, shouting and thinking - but eventually something gets done that solves the issue for everyone.


Hopefully, but its all very cryptic at the moment. They can solve this i believe

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@Tony.V @Team212

Tony please anything you can do will be greatly appreciated, I’ve got huge exposure to Evraz and tiny on Polymetal. I got myself into this ■■■■ and have now learnt the bitter lessons to restrict my investments to EU, UK & US.

My philosophy is that i will rather not make money than loose money so generally careful as to where i invest…just never saw the risks in Russia at the time i made those investment and also a few good fund managers had Evraz in their top ten holding at the time.


This is the plight of a european investor. Its ridiculous who get puniahed. Hopefully T212 comes through

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Hey, everyone.

We’re in constant communication with our intermediary regarding the situation, and we’re working to find the best possible outcome for shareholders. I’ll let you know as soon as there is any news.


Delisted message now shows on OGZD in the app. No update yet from 212 :man_shrugging:t4:

Still waiting on an update. Should i open a Gazprom Bank account so we can begin the transfer ? is trading 212 doing it for us? Or is T212 comverting via IBKR (Prefered option) if T212 needs commiaion to do this i woukd be happy to pay. Just need to clear this situation

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Im sorry for being impatient on the matter. But is there absolutely No news? I mean there are ways that have been stated already and followed by other brokers /traders.

Thank you in advance

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I am in the same situation. I was looking for Russian banks in London, but could not find any bank to open a account.

This is going to get more complicated –

need to see if other brokers follow suit and from which countries

Just a quick update: Gazprom (OGZD) has been moved from Xetra to Wiener Börse. However, nothing changes for shareholders, and the instrument remains suspended for trading. I’ll let you know as soon as we have any additional information.


Is also for the LSE GDR?

It might be worth considering that ‘diversification’ is key. What has happened here, unfortunately, is that no sane person would have thought the events that have unfolded this year would happen. They sadly have. Luckily for the majority, Russian stocks never made up much of global equity / index funds, so effects for most people should be limited(bar the issue with energy/oil, which when you look at it has been bubbling on for a few years).


Any update? And i can you please answer this question. Have you converted the shares via IBKR? OR converted generally?

@Andrikos, regardless of the listing move, the instrument is still suspended from trading.

I understand that. But has T212 gone thru the conversion proceeding? So at least i know something was done

It seems Clearstream will resume conversions on the 18th July. Hopefully we get an update by then

Any news about Russian ETFs ? e.g. Xtrackers Msci Russia Capped ETF ticker XMRC

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Try the ETF issuer website for the official updates:

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