Anyone recommend best reits in the U.K.?

Yes I have added to BBOX at the 196p price, we may well go lower but at 10% discount to NAV I feel solid margin of safety for long term investors. 3.5% yield that is likely to increase again next year as payout ratio now slipped to pretty much the REIT minimum, so any earnings growth will reflect in dividend. Will earnings grow? Well unless they have lots of vacancies (they basically have 0% normally) it will as they only revise rents up currently.

The trouble is that the winners of yesterday may not be the winners of tomorrow, so hopefully you spot and add to the future winner. i do feel a lot companies will go down by the time lights emerges the end of the tunnel, we are looking at a game changer period imo

a good thing to keep in mind is the expense ratio , with it being above 2% i believe it to be abit too high

Tritax sub 150p, if you liked it higher you’ll love it here!

40% below NAV and 4.5% yield, I am adding, long term hold.


Agree, also love Tritax, especially around these prices. Commerce and logistics and warehouse to continue to meet and exceed demand in the future.

Warehouse Reit is completely undervalued too at the moment

Still going lower, kinda crazy it feels like this is being almost priced as a 0… Tritax themselves said their assets prices would need to drop 50% before their current loans etc start to encounter any issues. Currently 135p share price on 240p NAV. Not saying it wont happen, but are we really saying these companies are doomed? Current LTV was about 23% or so last look I believe… Their raise at over 200p was very shrewd move in hindsight, funding their expansion this year.

I have to say, the NAV valuation of the fund looks reasonable and doesn’t really justify the discount. The quality of their top ten leases should give them a long term stable income to finance the debt. They could, in theory sell some of the assets to crystallise the capital value of the REIT, but why do this with such a stable income in an inflationary environment?

I’m tempted to buy some next pay day and sit back and (hopefully) watch this return to trading near par. We’re talking a what +100% upside in the near to middle terms.

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