What's the best residential property REIT

What’s the best residential Reits in the UK and around the world

Residential secure income is not tradable due liquidity issues

The PRS REIT is not even on trading 212

Any REITs residential Reits you would recommend.
Not commercial Reits


Not sure of individual ones for your specific needs but here are a few that have residential included in them, but commercial make up the rest.

IUKP - UK ETF holding multiple REITS
IPRP - EU ETF Holding multiple REITS
IWDP - US ETF Holding multiple REITS

Sorry can’t help much further than that. :confused: I’m sure people here may know of some more.

At the moment I have one residential REIT which is in the US called AvalonBay Communities (AVB).

There are some others which are from the US too

  • Essex Property Trust

  • Equity Residential

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I believe residential Reits can weather a downturn in the market as everyone needs a home

This is why I am looking into reits I have a REIT Realty Income which is commercial hence why now I am looking for a residential one

The two reits I pick I will never ever sell.

US residential property is kinda poor so any UK ones

I’ve tried looking for UK ones but from what I found, there really weren’t any good ones in my opinion. Would love to have at least one UK residential REIT, but it would require Trading 212 to add some new ones in.

Concern with Residential REITs is not really about weather downturn.

It is risk of paradigma shift, from metropolitan areas. If there is major shift in working industry and work from home.

Mostly hit Residentials are those concentrated in business areas, high rent areas etc.

If folks are not necessary to commute to work for instance in London, why pay 1.5k GBP monthly rent or 2k in London when you can live in smaller city for half or less.

So this are the risks rather then “people need place to live” they can choose where to live compared to where they work. Not pay those huge rents.

Yes, that’s said I believe people will always need a place to live and that can easily be spread across a large property portfolio minimizing the lost rents .

Plus if there is a shift they can sell the property

Most people I work with live within a 1h distance of the place they work and that’s London

I mean Tesco has benefited from being next to residential houses in lockdown compared to m&s being in stations, near officers and in town centers. So residential housing is a win win

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People need people so any “shift” will be temporary imo, I just can’t consider London to become a ghost town due to people working from home. The second the last lock down was lifted the gyms, pubs were overflowing. What does that tell you?

Yes but what REITS do we buy on trading 212

American Tower (REIT) any good this is a different kinda REIT I never new you could get lol

What REIT’s are you specifically looking for?