API coming anytime soon?

It would be great if we could get our hands on an API that would let us implement trading models.

I’ve read some threads regarding the API from May and i just wanted to know about the progress of the team


There is an API for the CFD part of T212.

To clarify the API is simply for connecting to ProQuant to CFD so you robo trade by subscribing to traders and the same positions are opened and closed in your account.

There’s no API documentation to it afaik, so it would be a case of studying the calls from ProQuant to reverse engineer it.

I would think the OP is asking for a public API with documentation that is for Invest/ISA too.

Note there is an API that the frontend calls but it’s not documented. So requires digging about to figure how it’s working. I haven’t tried placing a market order but works well in listing instruments and getting chart information.

if ProQuant can connect through API to trading 212, it seems there is an api library, but It’s simply not documented anywhere…

ProQuant is a third party software for trading 212, perhaps we have simply to wait for an official api documentation of trading 212…

ProQuant worked directly with the Trading 212 devs to make it happen so it’s just not publicly published.

Ah I understand… that’s the reason…

yeah, but the thing is that, with no documentation, you;d need to reverse engineer the code. Plus, the API key for CFD is there for years, but the code for any client to connect to a specific account is not. The only way i’ve seen people do it, is with webscrapers, which is not a very safe way to get or post data to a trading platform