API for automatic trading on CFD


I’ve been redirected here from customer service. I’ve been told that the CFD account has an API and that we can use it to get live data and send trades. Is there any public documentation available?

FYI, the basic API should have the following features:

  • autheticate/log in
  • get last trade
  • get historical data (the same data used to build the charts)
  • place orders / get reply when order is filled
  • get account balance, margins, available funds, etc.

To give you a good idea of wha we need, this is what Deribit has running: https://docs.deribit.com/#deribit-api-v2-0-0

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See https://www.proquant.com. You can connect it using API with CFD account.

They also have community forums like here: https://community.proquant.com

Hi Chantal, thanks for this. I have my own strategies, written in Python. I just need a connection. It seems like ProQuant only allows to build strategies internally with their own indicators.

Yes. I tried ProQuant a while on the practice account, but I am not convinced. Have used MT4 with EAs in the past. However eventually that didn’t work out well. Also dived into QuantConnect, they use Python too. For now I am trading CFDs manually with for better results.

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I see. Nah manually will not work for me :smiley:

I’ve also just built a python strategy. Very simple as I’m only a trading noob. Just takes data from yfinance library and tells me when moving averages have crossed. I run the script before market open to find potential tendies.

Care to share some of your strategies?

It’s very recent so I cannot comment on performance. I use deep learning and AI to generate trade signals.

I was asking about strategies not performance :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it just time series stuff? P.s. I’m a “data scientist” so you can get technical.

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