Are communities different between website and app

I’ve recently opened an account and use the desktop website but have downloaded the app. If I look on the app I see social/community posts that I simply cannot find in the communities section of the website and they are in groups/categories that I can’t find on the website. I’m confused. The community section on the website seems to be entirely different to the app.

Yes those are different

Thanks for clarifying but that’s mad I appreciate you clarifying. So if I see something on the app that I need my computer to respond to I can’t!!! It makes it worse that if I’m on my computer looking at trading I can’t go on the app because it will log me out of the website session. Why on the earth would somebody think it was a good idea to have complete separate discussion boards between desktop users and app users? Is it only me that thinks it’s bonkers (lol)

@WakeMeUp There are more meaningful conversations over here than in the app, my 2 cents

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Exactly. Most posts in the app are quite stupid. Respectfully.

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I agree its totally rediculous, confusing and annoying. Trading 212 need to work on this feature as other competing platforms have much better forums.


Ah, I was looking for this answer… :rofl:

I also don’t understand why the feed in the app is not availble here or vice versa. I’m sure there is a way to merge the two given this forum is running on Discourse!

Another one for the to do list. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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