Are Crypto ETNs/ETPs available?

Are the crypto ETNs/ETPs available for trading? For example, 21Shares Bitcoin (ABTC), or 21Shares Bitcoin Core (21BC) - I can find them on the platform, but they are listed as “view-only”.

There is a comment saying it should be tradable, but I can not trade it: Stocks & ETFs requests - add here - #2652 by Bogi.H

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Crypto ETNs/ETPs could only be available for customers on T212 Cyprus.

As crypto ETNs/ETPs aren’t allowed by the UK regulators.

Ah, ok thanks, for the reply! I am EU-based, but got registered on T212 before the Cyprus entity was created, so I guess I am still under the UK one? (is there a way to figure that out?). Is there any way for me to migrate from the UK to the Cyprus entity in that case?

You could check your Monthly Statement email, on the top left side.

Indeed, it is Trading 212 UK Ltd.

As an EU country citizen, would I need to close my account and open new one to migrate to the Cyprus entity, or is there some other way? I just found in FAQ that it is not possible to have 2 accounts.

T212 was planning to migrate all EU customers from UK to Cyprus platform. I don’t know when T212 will finish this migration. Maybe you could ask directly to T212 the actual procedures. :wink:

Only advantage for T212 Cyprus is the access to crypto ETPs, due to it being out of supervision from UK supervisors. But it has a disadvantage, as T212 UK has 85k protection scheme.

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So based on a reply from the T212 support, the only option is to close the existing UK account and then open a new EU one.

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Is possible to have simultaneously 2 T212 accounts, T212 UK and T212 Cyprus?

Sorry to jump in the discussion, but that’s not an option, @RLX.

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While I haven’t dived into ETFs or ETPs myself, it seems like they could be an interesting way to get some skin in the crypto game without the whole “picking individual winners” headache. Especially for those of us who are new to the crypto jungle.

For me, the wild price swings of some cryptocurrencies feel a bit like riding a mechanical bull – fun, but definitely not for the faint of heart! ETFs or ETPs seem like a more measured approach, like a well-diversified mutual fund but for the blockchain world. I could also advise you to use a variety of services to simplify your work. For example, such as Opinions?