New ETF requests

Hi @trading212 team,

Can you guys please explore providing access to more ETFs (tracker and inverse alike)? Particularly those around commodities like Natural Gas (DGAZ, 3NGS, etc.).

Those of us heavy on ETF investments and looking to move our complete holdings into T212 are marred by this little barrier of not finding equitable instruments on the platform.

Appreciate you’re rolling new ones out piecemeal, but please consider these in your next tranche.


Have you checked these are available to trade in the EU?

A good place to research ETFs is Taking account of your locarion, this site will show you only ETFs that are able to be sold in Europe. The ones domiciled in the US will not be shown.

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Hargreaves Lansdown’s website can do it too

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yeah, we’ve had this discussion extensively on another thread too :slight_smile:

And you didn’t check your new request?

Is there a variant listed here? Multi Asset ETFs

nope. i’m already invested in the WTO Crude oil ETF, but i have my risk spread out with the Brent too, but t212 doesn’t provide one (just an e.g.). i’m sure you’ll agree they need to up their game on ETFs though.

check my requests pretty much every day/weekend to visit my portfolio. a little bit of rebalancing i do myself before autoinvest turns up.

You should definitely check that what you suggest is available to be added to the platform. Otherwise you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment.

o no buddy, think you’re missing the point. what i’m trying to say is they ARE available to be dealt in UK as I’m currently dealing in them on another platform. I just didn’t want to bring up the conversation again as it has already been discussed. (i’m a rookie on how to link posts, let me try)

I don’t need a link I know the rules. You’d have to self certify that you meet the EU’s Sophisticated Investor Rules to access US ETFs without a KIIDs (ETFs currently fall under the UCITS banner therefore have KIIDs as opposed to KIDs under PRIIPs. See:

If you haven’t self-certified and haven’t completed the necessary documentation your broker is contravening EU regulation.

Be aware if you bought the ETFs prior to the regulation going live in January you can hold them but cannot add to them.

You can still hold these in a GIA but not an ISA - but you will be subject to differing taxation.

There’s no magic bullet, lot’s of brokers in the Uk don’t offer them because its another regulatory headache to jump through.


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