Are there any mining royalty etfs on trading 212?

Does anybody know if there are any mining royalty etfs on trading 212 please . I already hold Blackrock world mining trust any help appreciated thank you

There are mining ETFs on T212, examples: VanEck Gold Miners (GDX) and Junior Gold Miners (GDJX) however I am not aware of any mining royalty ETFs.

You can probably create a pie for royalties with some of the stocks on T212 such Franco Nevada, Sandstorm, Wheaton and more recently Triton. These are all for gold/precious metals, I am not familiar with other royalties.

There will probably be more royalties available once T212 access canadian stock exchanges.

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Thank you holding all
the mining royalty stocks which are available on trading 212 and awaiting the Canadian shares to add the others
As you say maybe a pie is the answer . There is an ETF but not on the platform as yet U.S. Global Investors GO GOLD and Precious Metal Miners ETF (GOAU)