Silver mining or royalty companies on trading 212?

Hi does anybody know if there are any silver mining or royalty companies or etfs on the trading t212 platform thank you

They have some stocks about silver mining.

First Majestic Silver - (AG)
Hecla Mining - (HL)
Wheaton Precious Metals - (WPM)
Coeur Mining - (CDE)
Fresnillo plc - (FRES)
Pan American Silver - (PAAS)
Barrick Gold - (GOLD)

And etc.


Did you not ask that question before?

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It seems like I replied last time, however RicardoBorsato’s currently reply is probably better than mine :smile:.

kind of Alien but this time more specific with silver mining or royalties i believe that silver may be the next big thing looking to invest in

thank you for your help much appreciated will look through list and investigate looking to get into silver as i think it may be about to rise in the near future so hoping to get in at discount before the herd fingers crossed