So it seems they’re finally here on CFD side!

@David I see under the instrument details that there is no information on the leverage, max buy and sell amounts etc. I’m guessing this is coming?

Open question to all - will you be dabbling?


:point_up:t2: It’s a visualization issue, will be fixed on Friday. They have leverage and everything else just as any other CFD instrument.

Excellent, thank you David.

Can’t wait to YOLO my life savings. Just kidding…I wouldn’t do that… :neutral_face:


I have not tried it. But just wonder If you open position on ARK ETFs on CFD do not you pay the overnight fees ?

So will these come on Invest as well?
Because what I want to do, is buy these as ETF for long term, without leverage.
I have a CFD account as well, but am wondering if this is possible there without running into overnight fees, etc.
So I am looking to buy, hold, buy more, hold. Taking years, not short term.
Any ideas / advice?

No, not until the UK changes regulation.

Which afaik, it has no intention of doing so.

I assume there will be over night fees as with all CFDs.

@SpikeTrademark I doubt they’ll be on the Invest side any time soon. CFDs are financial derivatives where you don’t own the underlying asset. There is a length post on this forum as to why the Ark ETFs can’t be on the Invest side if you need more info.

If you use leverage there will be overnight fees, as you’re “borrowing” the money to boost your effective investment value. If you don’t use leverage, then they’re free to trade.