CFD mode = crisis mode

Hows it going folks? Having been waiting on a reply from support for a bank withdrawal I decided to throw the funds into CFD mode for a quick turn.

I dont want to sound like a broken record with the spreads but, they are horrific!! Almost a £30 spread on an Indice? Bit much in my opinion and crippling any chance of getting out with money for a bottle of wine.

The main reason for this post is this, I am sure you all have seen the message we got from system;

CFDs on Stocks in Close Only Mode

We’ve temporarily placed restrictions on the ability to open new BUY positions with all CFDs on stocks. This adjustment will not affect existing positions in any way, they can be closed or reduced.

Trading without restrictions is still possible through our Invest & ISA service.

Are Indices classed as Stocks? I only had the option to short which I found very one sided. I know the company is going through whatever and need to hedge their risks etc but, is there actually a point to this? Would it not be better to put a 30 day max hold on shares to reduce the numbers of longs?

Some stocks that are ripe for a short can’t even be shorted!!


I defunded my cfd for that very reason.


I think there was a guy on here who pays 1500 p/m on interest alone since the massive increase in to get people to close.

CFD days on here is over. Might as well remove it and place something else.

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I’ve still got some longs on but once I’m out of those I’ll do the same. Asked a couple of days ago how long this “temporary” moratorium would last and needless to say there’s been no response. I can’t do business under such conditions

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Yeah I’m considering defunding my CFD account soon. It’s become unworkable in this current state. They have also changed the Interest rate so you pay for keeping Shorts open overnight now. :angry:


It’s sad because it was a great tool to use (even though I made quite a few mistakes) but, it seems to a touch to chaotic at moment with fees, restricted stocks, limited to trade one direction only etc

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Gave up on CFD’s last November because limits and spreads made it unviable. Think that was their intention to be fair. Increasedspreads and suddenly reduced leverage killed it.

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Depends on the index. The US 30 futures for example can move pretty quickly. 30 points isn’t big spread in that case. Can be a matter of 1 minute to move more than 30 points.

The spread on most stocks have been too wide for me since I trade CFDs at T212. In my opinion that should be part of your risk management. If the spread is too wide and your strategy couldn’t be profitable with such a spread, there is no (!) trade. Never.


Any recommendations for another CFD broker that includes pre market USA?

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Personally I don’t that I can say I’ve used but I’ve seen a few people speak about CMC

CMC has spread betting which T212 doesn’t have. Pretty much identical to CFDs except it’s capital gains tax free.

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Don’t know. Most CFD brokers only have the ability to trade forex, commodities and indexes. Not stocks.

Other option is using derivatives like turbos, traders, sprinters, etc. But they have only limited trading hours outside the normal trading hours. To me unusable if you want to trade on earnings after market in US.

I’ve started with for CFD now. I don’t want to advertise or anything but the Indices are all open, costs are displayed etc . Perhaps the layout is not as good as Trade212 but it appears to do what it is says on the tin. I need to get my daily fix on indices & be ready for the dip!
It was simple to open an account , although keeping my capital minimal at the moment to see how things go.

I’ll keep Trade212 for the long term Invest side of things though.
…So come on Trade212 let us back on the indices and reverse the Interest changes you have made!


Thanks for the recommendations. Looks like only capital trade from 9am til 1am.

The indices are back on !