Arm UK chipmaker

ARM the UK based chipmaker looks to be becoming public soon, when that happens could it be added?


Hi Ollie. :wave: We’ll do our best to add it. I’ll update this thread as soon as we know when the instrument could arrive.

Can’t wait, Arm certainly looks like an interesting choice.

Masayoshi Son predicted few years ago it could be bigger than Google.

Great interview - The David Rubenstein Show: Masayoshi Son - YouTube

Not a credible source I’m afraid. He’s a bit of a moron.

It’s such a shame its not UK owned and not gonna float on the LSE. IPO’s are notoriously over valued but I will be averaging in to this one from the start regardless.

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If you’re into some kind of worldwide equity index Fund/ETF, you probably have exposure already.

Until I see some fundamentals, I’m going to sit on the fence for this one. They do have a monopoly with their incredibly efficient designs and lots of software being based on the RISC chips, but there are some others out there. They’re basically the ‘go to’ chip designer for the IOT.

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I hold 0 ETF’s.
SMT was my last fund but I sold at the right time in my opinon.
Might not be the wisest choice but I like picking stocks and averaging in to long term holds.

Some of this is a sentimental play, but more of it is the fact as you say they have a huge moat when it comes to embeded chips in all sorts of devices.

Apples keen to buy stock apparently. Makes sense given the M1 chip.

Apple and Samsung to invest in SoftBank's Arm at IPO -Nikkei | Reuters.

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