Arm Holdings IPO - now available 🦾

:mechanical_arm: Arm Holdings’ blockbuster IPO is now live and available for trading.

The British tech giant takes the spotlight as the biggest IPO of the year with a $54.5 billion valuation!

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Still not able to trade on 212

That’s odd - let me send you a DM so we can look further into this :face_with_monocle:

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Why isn’t it available to trade in the ISA?

Hey, @arnie7 :wave:

The instrument doesn’t meet HMRC’s ISA eligibility criteria. You can find some additional details in my reply from earlier under this post:

Will the newly listed ARM shares be available to buy in trading 212 ISA soon ???

Am not comfortable with SB owning 90% and a sell out company so truly glad it isn’t making their way into ISA

So annoyed this is not in the ISA. Especially as it is a UK based company.

Looks like some other platforms caught out by allowing ARM in to ISAs… well done T212 for not making that mistake

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