Auto sell stocks if a price is reached?

Is there a way to sell a stock if a price is reached?
E.g. a stock plummets to $600 to $500, could you set a price auto sell so that if the stocks went below €580 it would sell them.

Yes, this is called stop loss, see point 6 in this answer.

When you’re selling, select “Stop” instead of “Market”, enter a price of $580 and the stock will be sold automatically once the price drops below that.

Sometimes, stock prices can drop very rapidly, meaning that by the time your order is executed, you’re only getting e.g. $550 per share. To prevent this, go to “Stop Limit” and set the minimum price you want to sell at. For example, you could choose a stop price of $580 and a limit of $570.


Thanks for the reply!
It seems you can only use the stop and limit features if you have a whole share.

@Jahan, Fractional shares will support pending orders soon enough. We are working on it.

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Thanks for the reply!
Hope development goes well, you guys are awesome for listening to your community

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