Set a sell stop order

Good morning. I bought 0,3 stock of Google. I would like to set the system to automatically sell them is the stock price goes below 1335$.
I went in sell - stop but, when I try to program the system, I cannot enter 0,3. If I enter 1 stock, it correctly says that I own only 0,3. So, how can I set the system to sell my 0,3 if its price goes below 1335$?

@mmaatt78 Are you unable to delete the 1 & manually type 0.3?

I believe limit orders are not available for fractional shares. However, this is a feature that will become available later this month.

No, I’m unable. I cannot write 0,3 nor ,3…only 1 or multiplies

@mmaatt78 Sorry, I was under the impression this was a CFD. In the Invest account, it’s not yet possible to place pending orders with fractional shares.