Automatic tax reporting


In Denmark we are required to report each trade including volume, price, currency conversion ratio etc. to the tax authorities.

Do you have any plans to do automated reporting to the danish tax authorities?
I know tons of danish investors wanting to switch to a platform like Trading 212, the only thing holding them back is the lack of reporting to the tax authorities, so people,e don’t have to do it manually every year.

The potential is large as there are no brokers in Denmark with commission freed trading (and fractional shares, and pies…)

best regards

Hello, @Henrik_Kristensen :wave:

There are no such plans for the moment, and we currently don’t submit tax reports on behalf of our clients. Still, we appreciate the feedback and will let everyone know if something changes in the future.

In the meantime, you can generate your tax statement and other additional documents you may need straight through the in-app menu.

Thank you, appreciate the answer.

The documents currently available (annual statement) unfortunately isn’t a clear cut mapping to the tax report. So an idea if you don’t decide to report on behalf of clients, would be to be able to generate annual report fitting the country’s template, so it would minimise the work needed.

It’s definitely within our goals to make country-specific improvements. Let me know if you have any improvements in mind for Denmark here or by sending me a message - I’ll gladly forward your suggestions :pray: