Yearly Tax Report (export?) 📈


I’ve been searching through the forum, but didn’t find any solution about a yearly tax report.
As we’re approaching to the end of the year, we’ll need to file our tax report for capital gains.

As I’ve managed to find out, Trading 212 currently does not support any export of our transactions? How have others filed your tax reports for last year?

@Team212 is this something that’s going to be available soon? If so, can we get the format/structure of the exported file, so we can make an XML from the file?

If I missed any information regarding the question above I am apologizing in advance. :pray:



I’ve heard of other users emailing support and they send them back an XML file, but it would be nice to not have to do that.


Yes, I think this is something that users really need to push for.


This is a must, for dividends too.


I want this feature, please add it

@Team212 Now would be the perfect time to give us some info about the data export availability.

Thank you!


Yes, this is very helpful. I am looking forward to have it. Please add it

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@Team212 now would be the perfect time to start contributing and responding more to the many queries on the forums. Even if the responses are not what we want to here, many questions and topics have gone unanswered lately.

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I got mine sent today after requesting it… it’s a pdf and anything I needed… it’s only one time a year so I don’t mind if it is not coming automatically. I would understand if they want to keep a hand on official t212 documents (which it is)… like… checking if anything is correct before issuing it… you know.


Thanks for info. Does the pdf contain information regarding paid foreign dividend tax?


Tax statement at least does not contain much. No information of what country the dividend is paid from, tax taken… just lump sum.

Hopefully exportable data comes soon…

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Thanks for picture. If there is nothing regarding paid dividend tax, then it’s almost useless for me. What a disappointment! What I’m suppose to do now? In Poland, I need to report to tax office how much dividend tax was already deducted and how much I still need to pay. :zipper_mouth_face:

And I think the exportable data, wont contain such information

The report will contain how much tax was deducted.


Thanks for clarifying George.

is it on beta channel? (aka TestFlight)

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I don’t see it also in beta on Android…

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How it can be that detailed trading history for tax reporting is just in scope at the moment? Isnt T212 been around many years already ? This is one of the basic must functionalities of trading platform. How have you managed to do any legal tax reports before without enormous work.

I think one of the main reasons is that T212 has been mainly focused on the UK market where the majority of users have an ISA account. Therefore no reporting needed.

On top of that for regular investing accounts (Invest) there are allowances for dividends as well as capital gains tax (in the UK). So for many users even with taxable accounts they do not reach those thresholds so again, no reporting needed.

Hopefully as T212 expands into the european market they will address that.

“Current estimate is Thursday this week.” :muscle:t3:


Fingers crossed. Twenty characters…