Automatically add all new instruments in CFD if shortable

Is it possible that all new instruments especially NASDAQ overextended equities are added in CFD as well? It is extremely frustrating that daily gappers are only added when already out of steam, and it would be great if you could allow us to at least play short on these instruments.

Thank you.

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Some of the instruments don’t fit in our internal risk management standards, so they can’t be available for CFD trading. Nevertheless, most of the last IPOs & trending stocks are available for trading in the CFD section.

@Martin how about Sea Limited ( ticker SE)

It’s about the only growth tech stock that hasn’t been added to CFD yet.

SLR, Martin. I appreciate the fact that you have IRMS to protect your clients/users, however, I must point out that IDEX was added in CFD. And just recently, KODK. I hope to see more Micro/Small Caps in CFD. Thank you.