Baillie Gifford [discussion] 📃

Looks like they’re back at it again

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Amazingly I’m still 5% up. Investing monthly in the SIPP.

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So through your SIPP your still in the trust rather than the fund? Is there particular reasonsing?

The fund I refer to is:,-prices--and--factsheets/search-results/b/baillie-gifford-china-class-b-accumulation

They have very similar holdings (not identical, and slightly different weightings) so curious to hear thoughts.

When BG announced they were changing the BGCG focus, they had an open Zoom call for investors to meet the team and discuss their strategy, China, etc.

I joined that call and liked what I heard. More a belief in the team, what they were saying about China in general, and their ambitions for the Trust.

I wasn’t aware of the Fund at the time tbh, which has the same team (+1). Thinking about it now, I like the drastic shake up approach BGCG is getting, in comparison to the Fund which is probably quite staid by comparison.

The China Fund’s objective is not specifically growth orientated either, stating that they only aim to outperform the market by at least 2%. BGCG is not limiting itself to that and is a bit more flamboyant and overstated in its growth targets.

Interesting, I will keep an eye on it and compare performance, it seems recent performance 3-6 months BGCG has been better, 1 year about even and 3 years the fund has won and over 5 years the fund almost 2x the trust. Unless I have got my figures on HL mixed up.

I will reassess this as we go.

Thing to remember is the Trust has just had a drastic change of management. holdings and direction. The past performance figures are no longer reliable, unless a before and after holdings comparison can be achieved perhaps…

Yes I am not saying past is indicative of future at all, just as you say, if the trust has now shifted and recently outperforming I will keep an eye and see if I want to shift (and take the HL share buy fee hit) in coming months/years.

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And I wasn’t suggesting you were, sorry if you thought I was insinuating. Your observations are very valid as, by the same token, what I’ve stated above also means this entire investment is more than a bit speculative! :slight_smile:

As an aside, following on from my previous comments about Interactive Investor, they waive the transaction fee if the money is coming in via Regular Investment mandate. :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

Nah didn’t think that just making point of looking back but also forward haha, always difficult depending on the stock/fund.

Right now II fees would eat too much into investments as SIPP is new, but appreciate in future to reassess fees as it grows.

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Yeah definitely a provider that is better for pensions over 50k, otherwise the percentage based fees are much more attractive.

Thanks for this I understand more what you meant now, it wasnt even BG before recently, will watch even more closely but safe to say if BGs China investments go well im sure BGCG and the Fund will both do well :muscle:

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Tom Slater from Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust was on Sky News today, around the -3 hour mark. (Accurate right now, if you’re late reading this, it’ll be further back)

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It’s not letting me move the time for some reason.

Anything interesting said?

Just mentioned their large Tesla holding, he said that Tesla are involved in much more than just cars, like battery tech, so they are bullish.

Also mention of Alibaba, they believe Alibaba is a Chinese staple and that it will recover.

Introducing my new global Baillie Gifford investment trust pie:

This pie has exposure to following sectors:
North America
Asia (and pacific region)
(Very small amount of Middle East and South America).

Investing for the long-term any suggestions of what to add, (planning to add the new positive change trust when it’s available).

I’m trying to make a diversified low-risk high-growth investment trust that I’m hoping to double my money (100%) in a 5 year period.

Hey mate whats the reaosn for SMT to be much bigger than some others? I know it has done well but its also got a massively inflow, and there are some arguments that funds which skyrocket with inflow often then underperform as people sell out in coming months/year. Just curious of peoples thoughts on this as I love BG and own the China fund but wary of SMT for above reason.

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Hi mate,

I’ve been holding SMT for the last 5 years now on Hagreaves and Lansdown and must day say I’ve experienced some good returns and experienced some short-term volatility.

The trust has had an impressive track record of beating the FTSE All World Index. It’s a actively managed trust which invests in a diverse range of stocks and I like the manager Tom Slater.

I’m debating whenever to lower the percentage on SMT and add the Monks Investment Trust as I see this trust as being less risky as doesn’t hold a large percentage in Tesla.

Any suggestions?

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Thought about $SAIN to diversify with a different investment approach?

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Are you guys aware that China cooks its books? They attract foreign capital and make it very hard for that capital to leave.