Bank of Ireland

Please may you add Bank of Ireland.
Thanks in advance.

Just curious, why do you want to invest in them? They’ve been on a nosedive for the last two years.

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A colleague of mine was holding Bank of Ireland long term praying they’d climb back up. He ended up thousands in the hole before cutting his loses. Thankfully he eventually made the cash back elsewhere.

If you’re interested in banks, look at JP Morgan Chase. The largest bank in the US, number 11 in the S&P500 (from a quick Google) and the 6th largest bank in the world (also from a quick Google). They’ve plenty of room to grow after the crash. A little bit pricey at 100 dollars a share compared to BoI but it’s a better option imo.

If you’re set on finance too - Visa and Mastercard are very stable in their growth. Buy a few CFDs and come back in a month to profit.